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Design Fees: Internet Address:

The design fee covers all design required, including the design or scanning of any pictures used, and the registering the website with the leading search engines.

The standard internet address is wvplus.com/your_company_name.

For an additional $25/month you can have your own domain name (www.your_company_name.com).

Website Hosting Rates: E-mail:
Size of Website Cost per Month If you desire e-mail, Web Visions Plus offers several options.
5 Megabytes $25
10 Megabytes $50
If you desire a larger website, please contact us at (803) 213-8613.
Type of e-mail service provided Cost per month
Link to an e-mail address that your company already owns. free
E-mail address supplied by Web Visions Plus and checked by your company. $10
E-mail address supplied by Web Visions Plus and messages checked and faxed to you daily. $20
If there is any service that you are interested and is not mentioned.  Please send us an e-mail or call us.   We are happy to provide custom services.